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Expert knowledge, the best of outdoor products from around the globe, Your gear for adventure awaits.

We go out of our way to find you new and innovative gear from around the globe to bring you products you don’t find everywhere. Expedition Express caters to all types of Adventurers, Overlanders, National park junkies, Weekend campers and the those that know that a whole world is out there to be explored. All these people have one thing in common a need for vanity of gear you just don’t see everywhere. Our staff come from a background of camping and outdoor product and we use the gear we sell, real world tests are the best way to find that piece of equipment YOU could not live without.

USA’s fastest growing online store for vehicle based campers.

Because we know that even if you are a made keen hiker, chances are you have to have a base camp set up somewhere to find the coolest of spots, we specialize in Vehicle based equipment , could you carry it all on your back, yep do you want to perhaps not. We find the gear to make it easy, no matter where it comes from. If its a good product and we like it chances are you will too. You get access to expert technical advise from our passionate staff that do all the things you like to do. We sell it, we use and we back it.

Because we are independent it gives us the freedom to source and test the best quality products form all across the globe so we have some brands that are truly international. We bring you these brands at competitive prices and we combine with industry leading service.

All of our products come with manufacturers warranty for piece of mind.

Expedition Express stands behind the products it sells, Should items have a defect in materials or workmanship we will repair or replace or exchange it at our discretion.


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